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Shooting Leagues at the club are an important part of the club’s activities. The leagues allow for new shooters to learn proper gun etiquette and techniques by shooting with more experienced members. The leagues are also a terrific way for new members to meet a lot of other members creating stronger relationships and membership bonds.

For 2020, the Dallas Gun Club will be resuming leagues as soon as possible:

  • Skeet League

  • Sporting Clays League

  • Five-Stand League

  • Skeet Doubles League

  • Winter Combo League

Join today and jump right in with a league of your own!



The Dallas Gun Club is committed to a very robust Instructor Program comprised of two components: Resident Instructors and Guest Instructors. Members who would like to schedule instruction should with Resident Instructors contact them directly. Guest Professional Instructors will be scheduled in advance and members will receive notification of the dates.


Instructors who wish to be added to the program should review the Instructors Manual located on the DGC Website and then contact John Calandro III.

Craig Cain

(972) 977-5865


I'm a professional shooting instructor located in Dallas, Texas. I also compete in NSCA Sporting Clays tournaments as well as USHA Helice tournaments.  I have over 10 years of coaching experience teaching everyone from beginners to experienced shooters how to improve their shooting. I am skilled at teaching Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, FITASC, and Helice as well as those wishing to become a better wing shooter.  Making the student a better shot while also making the sport more enjoyable and fun is my number one goal. I do not limit myself to one teaching method, as I believe there are advantages to learning multiple ways to break targets and each technique has its distinct advantage.


Coaching Accomplishments:


• 3 Time National Championship High School Coach

• NSCA All Americans in both Sporting Clays & FITASC

• Multiple Collegiate Scholarships winners

• State Team members

• Regional Team members


Shooting Accomplishments:


• Team USA Helice 2020

• NSCA Master Class Shooter

• Texas Cup 28 ga. HOA 2020

• DGC Helice 1st place Spring 2019

• ASC Helice 1st place & HOA Fall 2019

• Cottonland Helice 1st place & HOA Fall 2019

• S. Central Regional Farewell Cup Champion AA class 2016

Resident Instructors:

Guest Professional Instructors:

John Calandro IV

• NSCA Level 1 Certified Coach

• Master Class Sporting Clay

• Founder Highland Park Shotgun Team 2012

• Coach Highland Park Shotgun Team 2012-2017

• 1,000+ Hours Teaching 

• Sporting Clays and wing shooting specialist

• Excel with beginning and intermediate shooters and provide a friendly environment to advance at your pace

• Shooting Competitive Sporting Clays since 2005

Shea Self

Shea was born and raised in McAllen, Texas where she attended Harvest Christian Academy High School and then went on to Texas A&M University. Shea graduated in May of 2016 from A&M with a degree in Agribusiness and a minor in Russian. After graduation, she went to work for The Calandro Group as a Registered Client Associate in Dallas, Texas. 

Shea's shooting career did not start with shotguns; that came later. She actually started off as a pistol shooter because that's what her parents did. Her parents started teaching her to shoot pistols around the age of six or seven, and she became competitive at the age of ten. 

Participation in shooting pistol competitions led to the opportunity to shoot for Team Smith and Wesson in the Sportsman's Team Challenge event. One of the events in the challenge was shotgun, and she had never shot that before. Her father took her out to the local gun club to shoot skeet and, after that, she was hooked. 

Since then, Shea has been shooting shotgun sports for the past fourteen years. During that time, she won two national championships for Texas A&M University and was the first woman ever to win an overall World Championship in Helice. She is also one of the youngest members to ever serve on the board of the Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation. 

Russ Arnold


Russ Arnold is a life member of the NSCA, NSSA, ATA, and USA Shooting. He has a long-standing membership with Dallas Gun Club. His professional background includes teaching and coaching for over 40 years and running the National Collegiate Clay Target program for over 10 years. Russ teaches all clay target disciplines including international style but specializes in sporting clays and FITASC. 

Throughout his career, Russ realized his passion is a coach training and training the trainers. He is a National and Texas 4-H Shotgun Trainer, an NSCA Level 3 instructor, and is on the NRA National Coach Development Staff. One of his greatest accomplishments was becoming an NSCA certifying instructor—there are only 16 in the country. Russ has certified over 100 coaches including National Champions and Olympians. 


Russ teaches the Carlisle Academy Method of Shooting. Almost anyone can talk a shooter onto a target, but an effective coach will identify the cause of the miss and then make the necessary corrections in the shooter’s fundamentals. Although Russ spends a great deal of time with a Shotgun, he is not a professional shooter seeking ways to supplement his income. He is a professional instructor who has dedicated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to perfect his craft, resulting in a better coach and coach trainer.

Mike Sellers


• Certified FITASC Helice Referee 

• 8 X USA Team Member 

• 2019 Team Silver Medalist World Championship 

• 2019 Senior Silver Medalist World Championship 

• European Champion Team Gold 

• Team Gold Medal North American Championship 

• 2 X Gold Medalist Team World Championship 

John Calandro III

Head Instructor (Level III)


NSCA Level 2 Instructor

Shoot Director for

• 2015 Texas State Championship

• 2019 Texas State Championship

• 2019 Texas State FITASC Championship

• 170,000 Lifetime registered NSCA sporting targets

• 2019 Western Regional AA FITASC Champion

• 2019 Grand Slam AA FITASC Champion

• Helpful in coaching all levels of competency.

• Specializing in, Sporting Clays, FITASC, Helice, and Wing shooting.

John Shima


I was introduced to the world of skeet when I was just eight years old. I competed in and won my first two World Skeet Championships as a member of Trinity University's shooting team; I won three more World Championships after that. 


I have dedicated my life and career to helping champions hone their craft, teaching the basics to people who have never before shot, and helping everyone in between.


I put skeet and sporting clays shooters at ease and show them how to engage with their targets on a reflexive, instinctual level, and tailor lessons to each shooter's strengths and weaknesses.


I am driven by a passion for shotgun sports, my genuine love of helping others succeed, and by the conviction that skeet and sporting clays are for anyone who wants to learn.


Over a more than thirty-year career, I have trained dozens of champions and hundreds of new shooters. Whatever your skill level, I am committed to guiding you toward the fulfillment of your goals.


Shooting Accomplishments and Instruction

  • Five-time World Skeet Champion

  • One of the National Skeet Shooting Association’s first Master Instructors

  • Utilizes a time-tested teaching format that has been proven effective for more than thirty years

  • Featured on Shooting USA

  • Written over 60 articles on shotgun shooting 

  • Regular column in Clay Target Nation, the official NSCA/NSSA publication

  • Published in ClayShootingUSA

  • Author of two books on shooting: A Method for the Magic and The Moment of Truth

  • Private lessons and full and half-day group clinics

  • Works with youth shooting programs such as SCTP and 4H

Todd Bender



Todd Bender was named the first Master Instructor for the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), has been trained by the UK’s Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA), and is an Honorary Fellow in England’s Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. Over the years he has compiled 26 NSSA World Championships and been named to a record 35 consecutive Men’s First All-American Teams. Todd is also the only shooter to record three consecutive back-to-back 550x550s at the NSSA World Championships in 2007, 2008, and 2009.  In Overseas competition, Todd won the Over-All Championships at the Canadian Open (1998), the English Open (UK) (2003), the Australian Nationals (2008), and the New Zealand Nationals (2011).

Tom Mack



• Over two decades of all American team status.

• 15-year full-time shooting instructor.

• (616) 340-0833

Ray Brown


  • NSCA Level 3 Instructor & Carlisle Academy Master Instructor

  • Traveling Instructor and target setter

  • Well versed in multiple shooting styles and methods

  • Specializes in communicating shotgun shooting methodology & problem solving

  • 2020 Ducks Unlimited Continental – Main Event – HOA

  • 2020 World Super Sporting – Main Event – RU

  • 2020 USA Sporting Clays Team – SuperVet Sporting

  • 2020 USA Sporting Clays Team – SuperVet FITASC

  • Fiocchi Pro Staff sponsored shooter (Fiocchi Ammunition)

  • 2018 PSCA (Professional Sporting Clays Association) Pro Shooter

  • 2017 USA Sporting Clays Team – Veteran

  • 2015 USA Sporting Clays Team – Veteran

  • 14-time All American &/or Veteran All-American

  • 6-time FITASC All-American

  • 3-time NSCA Zone 7/All-Region Team

  • 4-time Sub-Gauge All-American

  • 2018 Nationals – Kreighoff Kup Veteran Champion

  • 2018 Nationals – Fitasc Veteran RU

  • 2017 PSCA Senior Champion for Tour Stop #4

  • 2017 World English Veteran Team Gold Medal

  • 2017 World English Vet 5th

  • 2017 Kachina Open RU & Vet Champion

  • 2016 Veteran RU National Champion

  • 2016 California State FITASC RU

  • 2016 Arizona State FITASC Veteran RU

  • 2016 Arizona State 5-Stand RU & Vet Champion

  • 2014 Northeast Regionals Veteran Champion

  • 2014 Western Regional FITASC Open RU & Vet Champion

  • 2010 Small Gauge HOA Vet National Champion

Lanny Bassham



“Who do you trust with your Mental Game?"

At the 1972 Olympic Games, Lanny Bassham failed in his attempt to win the Gold Medal in International Rifle Shooting. He had a mental failure resulting in his taking the Silver instead. Frustrated, Lanny wanted to take a course in controlling the mind under pressure. After looking for such a seminar and not finding satisfaction, Bassham began to interview Olympic Gold Medalists to discover what they were doing differently to win.


What he discovered was game-changing. Bassham created a system of mental control he called Mental Management®. Within the next six years, Lanny Bassham dominated his sport, winning 22 world individual and team titles, setting four world records, and winning the coveted Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in 1976.


For the past four decades, Lanny has taught Mental Management® to the sport and business communities' elite. His clients include PGA tour players, the FBI, US Navy SEALS, and the Olympic teams of USA, Great Britain, Canada, India, Japan, Republic of China, Korea, Australia, even shotgun shooters Todd Bender, Gebben Miles, Wendell Cherry, Kurt Grates, Andy Duffy, and Scott Robertson.


His offices are in Flower Mound, Texas, and is the author of With Winning in Mind, Mental Management for Shooting Sports, Winning Skeet, and Winning Sporting Clays.

“When I need to sharpen my mental skills, there is only one man on the planet that I go to, Mr. Lanny Bassham.” - Todd Bender

“If you need help with your mental game, Lanny is the best! He knows what he is talking about and has the titles to prove it.” - Wendell Cherry 

Annabelle Ayres



Shooting Philosophy:

Visualize Execution, Winning, and becoming a Champion
• 6x & Reigning 2020 NSCA Ladies National Sporting Clays Champion
• 2017 Ladies National FITASC Champion
• 2013 & 2019 Ladies World English Sporting Champion
• 2017 Browning Briley HOA
• Youngest Female to attain “Master Class” in NSCA

Cost: Individual Lessons: $165 per hr.
Contact: To book your lesson with Annabelle Ayres
Book lesson with Colette Rogers: (817) 905-8622


2021 Tournament Schedule

The Dallas Gun Club hosts multiple nationally recognized open and invitational Skeet, Sporting Clays, Trap, and Helice tournaments throughout the year. Please select a link below or visit our events calendar to find additional information.

2021 Helice/Bunker

  • 5/21-23/2021 — Lone Star Open Helice

  • 8/13-15/2021 — Big D Open Helice

  • 11/20-21/2021 — New Non-Sanctioned Helice Event

2021 NSSA Skeet Tournaments

  • 4/24-25/2021 — Dallas Metroplex

  • 6/4/2021 — Paxton Arms Pan American Mini

  • 6/5-6-2021 — Paxton Arms Pan American

  • 6/10-13-2021 — Texas State Skeet Championships

  • 8/13/2021 — Pacific Sporting Arms Southwest Classic Mini

  • 8/14-15/2021 — Pacific Sporting Arms Southwest Classic

2021 NSCA Sporting Clays Tournaments

  • March 27 – Spring Classic

  • May 27-31st (Combined Sporting and FITASC: Big D Open and Texas State FITASC Championship

  • July 17 – Red Hot Open

  • August 28 – TBD

  • October 9 – Eleventh Hour

  • November 6-7 – TBD

  • December 11 – Xmas Shoot



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